What ever happened to…that’s terrible!

Being a tween – teen in the 70’s, Television and pretty girls went hand in hand. Laugh-In had Goldie Hawn and Judy Collins; That Girl, Marlo Thomas; Farah Fawcett and the Angels; Suzanne Sommers and Joyce Dewitt, Daisy Dukes.

I had two beauties that were vying for  my affection, Connie Stevens and Carol Wayne.

Connie Stevens: a singer, actress (stage & screen); wife & mother, still alive today.

connie stevens

Carol Wayne actress, comedian wasn’t so lucky.

carol wayne

On January 10 1985 while on vacation in Santiago Bay, Mexico. Her fully clothed body was found floating in 4 feet deep water. Carol was not a swimmer and actually feared the water.

Carol worked on the Tonight Show with Jonny Carson as a recurring character. It was later that Jonny wanted a shorter show length. From 90 minutes down to 60 minutes, Carol’s character was gone. But on the bright side, it made room for Letterman right?

It was reported that depression made her resort to drugs and booze, later only to escort for rich men.

She was vacationing with her companion Edward Durston. But by the time Carol’s body was found Edward had checked out of the hotel. It had been reported that there was an argument between the couple. Carol went for a beach walk to cool down. She was found the next morning by a local fisherman floating in the shallow bay.

What exactly happened to my teen crush? Her death was ruled a suicide. Not a fitting ending for one so lovely.

As an aside I’d like to mention the death of Art Linkletters daughter Diane. Reported as a LSD induced jump from a sixth floor apartment in 1969. Diane’s companion the night she died was Edward Durston.

Take it easy, s

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