The times, they keep on a changing…

My parents were generous to we three boys with the purchase of a family cottage in 1984/5 just North of Minden, Ont. It is on the waterfront of Lake Boshkung. We adore our cottage and the times spent with families and friends and friends’ families and so on.

My buddy Jeff Austin and myself would frequent the cottage as much as we could. If there were a free weekend, we were there. Let me set the mood…

Mid 80’s, two males late 20 something, same taste in music, sports teams and leisure time activities. We’d arrive late on a Friday evening, after work, just enough time to unpack and start a fire. Have a few beer, whatever and talk about where to fish tomorrow. Always the same place, Bridge Witch Bay! Breakfast consisted of two eggs; over easy; yolks broken; Filet Minot with a Pepsi chaser & toast.

Now, this bridge witch I mention was in reality at that time, a woman in her mid-forties (rowr). Remember this is the 80’s; She’d have on Leopard skin print spandex pants, huge hair; and start barking if you came near ‘My’ bridge on a walk. Anyway, she’s for another time, the bridge witch has no territory over the lake.

After the sun was damn near down, we’d head for the boat and navigate in the near dark toward Bridge Witch Bay. Only a five-minute motor boat ride and we were 2 to 4 foot deep in weedy water. Perfect for small mouth. When it got near midnight looking out toward the open mouth of the bay, the stars would outline the shape of the tree-lined hilltops. Beautiful.


Our cottage view. Bridge Witch Bay to the left.

Enter 1989-90; Jeff and I are out one night on the lake and while anchored at the mouth of Bridge Witch Bay among the starry tree-lined hilltop outline there stood a vertical row of red lights. Flashing off and on like a stuttering exclamation point. A repeater tower, because city people needed to use cell phones at the cottage. That view was forever ruined by Technology. It wasn’t stopping.

Fast forward to 2017 and everything has changed again. Not so much the scenery as cottage technology.

To me cottage technology was creating a mock fishhook to tie a peanut to and go squirrel fishing.

For the first time this year (2017) I gave a guest our cottage WiFi access. Our cottage used to have mice; now we have Wifi. I thought it was great getting the dishwasher put in. Clearly there is no end to these changes!

So may I put forth a slice of personal opinion on what we need in this world; Affordable Transporters. Right?

Star Trek already gave us automatic door opening, flip phones, GPS tech…

You’re at the cottage in seconds. No traffic. No stopping to pee or eat or even get gas.

The 60’s movement of hitch hiking would be no more. Just walk to your corner 7/11 or Petro-Canada; the Transporters are usually right, beside the ATM. How convenient.

We can worry about Food Replicators and Holo-Decks in the 2030-40’s. Right now transportation is the issue.

star trek meme                        star trek holodeck

I’ve begun to stop resisting Technology growth as strong as I have in the past and trying to learn how it may service me. If not, swipe right Right?

Back to the cottage, even with WiFi as long as there is a fireplace; refrigerator; friends and family I suppose technology hasn’t interfered too much. Plus, now I could post an image of us fishing in the bay on my blog or Facebook as we’re actually fishing! Mind blown! Gonna try and make it happen.


2017 Tony playing Atari 2600 Flashback Space Invaders while Natalie is on her tablet at our cottage. We also played cards as well. 

Take it easy, s


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