Student Caretaker Fun

It feels like I’ve always been working! Work work work, Hi ho hi ho the rest of the song you know…

My first job was as a part-time student caretaker at Stephen Leacock C. I., I was a grade 9er at the time so what’s that? 15 years old?

Anyway, I’m not going to mention the other student caretakers I worked along side, though 1 is a current FB friend of mine.

The things we would do when after school cleaning would begin.


First: Clean the portables. Each student was assigned a number of portables and classrooms they were responsible for. If one of us was done quicker, we go and help the other guys. There are things to be done other than working.

After all the rooms were cleaned, one thing we could and would do was ride on top of the elevator from TV-B-1-2 and would get off at 2 in the shaft where there was a ledge you could sit on.

Another possible activity was the Auditorium has a fire-curtain (probably asbestos) in the ceiling area above the stage. Activated by a button, you raise and lower this thick blanket weighed down with a wood beam. Well, a small hole was by that beam. Small enough to slide a broom pole through.

A hand grasping either side of the broom handle through the curtain, an “ok” and your co-worker pushes a button, and up you go to the ceiling above the stage. Hanging by a stick, feet dangling, only to be lowered by the same co worker. If he felt like it.

I won’t get into the Home Ec. classes, the baking, or the fridge raids. That was just wrong. But tasty.

Also the current FB friend was also on the lighting crew. CLICK! (some readers just figured out the FB friend).

Well, up above the auditorium seating  in the plastered ceiling are the lighting catwalk. I was fortunate enough to be shown these on occasion. Though rare but damn exciting for a kid.

Good times!

It wasn’t long after I was also a Rink Rat at Leacock Arena. Wow, 2 jobs at 15-16, for like $3.10/hr! I was loaded. Definitely hitting the Arcade at Agincourt Mall tonight!

Take it easy, s


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