The most annoying stroke related deficiency I have!

When I start to get sleepy or sit for a long time (Movie Theater) my legs become a electronic flailing weapon. I’ve hoofed my wife countless times in bed, while I slept.

In and around the time of my strokes, my legs started acting up. I will try to explain the best I can. Remember in Grade 11 or 12 dissecting frogs? Remember attaching an electric current to one of the dead frogs legs and it moved. This is what my legs do:

Sitting quietly watching TV or whatever and 5,000 watts of power ZAP through my legs causing them to twitch, stretch out, curl in, violently kick out and the pains to the leg is awesome. It is usually just one leg at a time but can be both legs. I have even felt them switch from Right leg to left.

It’s painful having every muscle in you leg, from upper thigh to feet, tighten up, (more painful then a leg cramp). It’s like a Tim Burton exercise; tighten muscle, stretch out leg, leg quivers in pain, hold for 30, release, wait 15 seconds, repeat. This will go one for45 minutes or so. It’s embarrassing in public, you feel stupid. “Hey, what’s up with your legs man?”

“Oh, I have restless Legs Syndrome.” I answer, feeling dumb.

“Is that a real thing?” comes next.

“GODDAMNFUCKINGRIGHT! It’s a real thing!” I’m pissed. You see I’m not the same anymore.

So now I’m on a pill for Parkinson’s.

These strokes have thrown so many obstacles into my quality of life in a few different ways. Kidney’s are fucked. Legs are fucked. Relationship is fucked. Memory fucked Zero to 100 in pills now.

These weren’t even powerful strokes and I had to learn to re-walk without looking drunk, re-learn guitar (chords) require motor skills and practise penmanship, I wrote like a grade1 kid.

Pills aren’t always enough though. Smoking weed allows me to sleep while my body does its nighttime dance.

Mom will love reading that line!

I have to do whatever I can to relieve the pain, cramping, not sleeping not to mention so much other shit. Weed is a Godsend! Just fucking expensive!!

Take it easy, s

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