boh 1Have you ever just liked or loved a band because of the melody or hooks or catchy chorus: Na na na na na na Na na na na na…sung to the melody of Journey’s Lights. I’ll help, ahem “When the lights go down in the city…and the sun shines on the bay… oo I wanna be there ere…”

Well, I found a band I really enjoyed. Band of Horses. At first they reminded me of other bands eg: Coldplay, Eagles, Beach Boys.

People that know me know that when a favorite band of mine releases a new album I listen the crap out of it. It’s in playing in the car, on my Nano, in the Bose at home.

Another reason is, I like to play their songs on the guitar. It wasn’t till I tried to play their new stuff (as with the older) that I’d really checked out the lyrics. I’m not a singer but it helps to know the song in and out to play it well.

It was then I felt a connection with their music. I could associate with so many songs. My interpretations! I find their lyrics contemporary, relevant and poignant.

Shut-in tourist is a song I can feel when I hear it. But I can’t find the sheet music or tabs!

Lyrics for Shut-in tourist by Band of Horses:

“Every time you try to pick up just the pieces, feeling bad for yourself,

Watching all the foreign cars or flags in breezes from a window instead, from a window instead.

Find it hard to see the good or face the music. Looking backwards again.

Over sentimental, staring half way horizontal, when I think you’re a new man…”

it goes on. A good tune. I don’t know what it is?

What’s a song that gets you somehow? I’d love to hear which song it is and by whom.

Take it easy, s



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