A beam of light, just for us!

Music is an important part of my life and I like a pretty wide variety. One band in particular is Tangerine Dream.

Starting in the 60’s TD was an electronic band, which is to say they use a load of computers, samplings, keyboards a guitar and violin. All percussion is digital.

You may know some of their movie soundtracks like; Risky Business,  Legend, Fire Starter and Thief to name just a few. It was long time friend Jeff Austin that got me into TD in the mid-eighties. Totally different from what I’d been listening to. TD is nothing like Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Zep, Eagles.

Their music was so unique that it’s been copied and morphed by many a musician. Dream has spawned some great sound alike musicians; Paul Lawler, Paul Speer, Paul Haslinger, David Lanz and Yanni. Though Yanni has his own sound he was released after Dream. These mentioned don’t copy TD but you can tell they appreciate the music they release.


So, it wasn’t uncommon for Jeff and I to go to my cottage in the dead of winter. Tobogganing the stereo equipment down a hill with our supplies for the week-end. Remembering all the while that it all comes back up the hill, minus food and booze.

It was one sunny day and we were chilling inside just listening to some Tangerine Dream and as the music swelled to a peak and diminished a beam of sunlight grew from a shadow, peaked and died with the swell.

The timing was perfect, Jeff and I look at each other saying at the same time, ” did you see that?” Both of us had. I’ve taken a lot of chastising for some of my music preferences. Dream being one of them. But that moment was just for us.

That must have been in the early 90’s, and speaking with Jeff, he remembers the story.

Take it easy, s

Pictured L-R: Christopher Franke, Johannes Schmoelling and founder Edgar Froese. 80’s version of the band.

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