Spinal Tap or Lumbar Puncture?

Either way, it was the most intense pain I have ever felt for 1 second.

After my Neurologist ushered my wife from the hospital room I was occupying he had me sit on the edge of my bed, bend forward and grab my ankles. He told me this splays the spine open to slide the needle home.


The reason for my spinal tap or lumber puncture was for my High Blood Pressure and Hypertension. Having untreated HBP can affect your Brain, Kidneys plus the Strokes you can have. The Tap in the base of the spine draws liquid down from around your brain and into a tube. Then they can test for things like West Nile or just damage in general.

My Blood Pressure was reading 240 over 180. Normal pressure would read 120 over 80.  I was double the normal. The hospital staff was surprised I was alive.

So there I am, bent over grabbing my ankles, when I was told this first needle was for freezing  the spine area. He slid it in and by the time I could even express my discomfort the pain was gone. That fast! Then I stayed for 20 minutes in that position of ankle grabbing while the fluid from around my brain got drawn out into a tube.

A little Band-Aid and a sucker and I was all done. I’d heard horror stories of Spinal Taps and the pain. Times and ways have changed. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being high; the Spinal Tap was a 8 for 1 second then nothing at all.

tap 2

Now I know what a Keg feels like.

Take it easy, s

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