Reconnecting: Past with Presence Conclusion

The first time I saw Scott in the flesh after these forty some years, I was just entering Studio Nowhere unit #9, where I was to meet  him and jam, and doesn’t this 7 foot figure block my path. Okay, well maybe 6’5″. Still, taller than me. I stop as this figure stepped into the light. “Hey hey” I say. Scott comes up to me. Grabs me in a bear hug and says, “It’s good to hold you man.”

I’m not opposed to hugging anyone that A. needs one B. I’ve missed or C. she’s holding a free hugs sign.

I step back to grab his hand to shake it, and there’s Scott. Not his regular Strawberry blonde hair, but bright, you can see it with your eyelids closed bright, red.

Black leather pants and jacket with the Hot Head Scott trademark flames around the edges. “NO WAY” I may have said out loud. The Gene Simmons Platform shoes from Leacock. With the TM HHS flames on them!

I have no clue as to where my Peter Criss costume and Platform shoes are. The last time I saw them was, I’d lent them to Christopher Barking aka Dog, a family member for a Halloween party in the late 90’s. So if I ever have the need to wear 6″ platform shoes, I’ll ask him if he’s still got them.

After bringing my guitar and amp in, I set up, plugged in and started playing around and tune up. Studio Nowhere is a working studio with its own charms. One being Glenn with 2 n’s. I’d noticed as Scott opened his guitar case that it too had the TM HHS flames as I would soon see that so would a Bass, Amps, Cases, Tees and a Cowbell all with the HHS logo. Alright, there was no Cowbell. We need more Cowbell.

If you don’t know that reference please you tube: SNLchristopherwalken.




It wasn’t long after that first reunion that I’d invited friends Dominic and Mark over to jam with us. Another thing I’d learned about Scott was that he’d broken his Guitar Pick he’d gotten from Gene Simmons’ own hand. It was our first and only KISS concert as a foursome. I also was also surprised to find a $immon$ guitar pick in the crook of my arm. Cloudy, Rosie got a Paul Stanley Scarf. Not from Paul’s hand but from Paul Stanley’s instructions to a Roadie to give it to his mini me. Rosie was so excited, he even shared a piece of it with me. I still have it.

We received these trinkets at the Kiss concert in Kitchener Waterloo, where we attended in full KISS make-up and Costumes.

I still had the $immon$ guitar pick too. I gave it to Scott about a month after jamming. While at the afore-mentioned KISS Concert in K/W we (Scott, Danny, Rosie and Me) where in full costume and make-up, with front row floors seats we bought at the Ticket Window when we got into town! I shit you not!

Anyway, there we were waiting for the doors to open and we’re spotted by some reporter with a photographer, she interviewed us as to why we would do this imitation thing and so on…

Scott still had that CREEM magazine we were featured in and generously gave it to me. It’s now protected with my Spawn and Death of Superman Comics.

So here we are giving each other our past memories in objects with no meaning to anybody, anybody but us.

A guitar pick now transformed into an earring and a teens 15 minutes of fame reminding magazine.


Creem Magazine 1

How many people do you know that could share a Magazine legend with music Legends David Bowie and Robert Plant.  Apparently when asked Plant said, “They’re cute and wished us a Whole Lotta Love, about sharing a legend Bowie said he’d felt under pressure.


Getting a chance to hang out again with an old friend has been great. Scott recently asked me to help with the re-arrangement and re-recording of Beautiful Girl; shows his friendship in that I am not the greatest guitarist going. I play for my cat, she likes anything, even tuning up.

Regardless of perfection we will have fun and enjoy the times we get to spend fucking around playing music.

The above pictures from top to bottom are: Me not realizing Scott sticking his tongue out, and the 4 finger  for each decade it’s been.

Glenn with 2 n’s far left. Dominic Promucci in the middle and Mark Cosgrove far right.

Scott chatting with some unseen fellow will setting up.

My Gene Simmons guitar pick and the CREEM magazine legend image. We are L-R Scott – Steve – Danny – Rosie.

You know I was Bullshitting about Plant and Bowie right?

It’s been fun sharing this story with you

Take it easy, s

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