Reconnecting: Past with Presence Pt:2

After Cloudy was slid into his cold dark slot in the Mausoleum wall, life continued on as best it could after losing a buddy. The school year ended with no CNE. Oh, they had it, I just didn’t go. Only been once or twice since then.

Fast forward a spell, the 80’s, 90’s and into the 2000’s had been a string of failures for me in regards to pretty much everything, then I reconnect with Ginger. Okay Scott Mears aka Hot Head Scott. And of course Danny Calhoun was Astroboy and Rosario Di Pietro (rip) is Cloudy.

Just a year ago when I rejoined Facebook for my Business, I’d seen Scott on and I thought Hot Head Scott? What’s he up too now?

Now I know.

As a side note HHS (Hot Head Scott) is a character like my favorite JimVarny as Earnest P. Worrell. Set to change society into a Rock and Roll community that helps to exist and sustain each other. And Jam. Not Jim, Scott. Ask him about the 7 things. Would be wonderful!


Since reconnecting with Scott we have reminisced about Leacock, Music, KISS, exes and current stuff, like Trump and ISIS and Hot Wheels!

So much so that while jamming at Studio Nowhere we were screwing around with an original of Scott’s; Beautiful Girl . He liked the arrangement so much, he’s asked me to help him re-record it. I will.

Seeing Scott again reminds me why we got along before in the first place. Our sense of humor is similar, our ability to react with a smart-ass comment lightning fast and we’re both damaged in some capacity!

The KISS experience was lasting for Scott, in that he enjoys entertaining people with his character. I on the other hand was not bitten by the entertainment bug; I was bitten by the wrong choices bug. That little bastard can bite!

Take it easy, s








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