That’s my bug to kill.

Being 57, I’m trying to learn and somewhat keep up with some of the newer technologies at hand. These technologies which I will now refer to as just tech, are advancing at a very fast pace. That or maybe learning a new  program like say wordpress, which bugs me that I’m taking so long to grasp it!

I’ve written a few things I can find in one place but can’t find the same articles elsewhere. Now I’m from the era, ‘freezing food! you can do that!’ or graduating from pencil to pen in grade 5. Now in Jr K they have laptops with pillows for nap-time. Ok, I made that last part up. It bugs me not feeling confident around tech because it’s hard to retain the info, and fast!

I suppose many folks are in the same boat of trying to understand and retain. Just keep on keeping on!      tech

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