Reconnecting Past with Presence

KISS was a band from the 70’s and when they were new to North America, in Canada, in high school, I’d never heard of them. But when I’d heard them, I was hooked.

The weird whatswiththemakeup? Platform shoes. Major platform shoes! Make-up on a singer I was used to.Thank Alice for that. It was the combination of everything. The music upon reflection, some of it still holds up. Detroit Rock City, Beth…I know I know, Shout it out Loud to name a few.

And yes they caved during the Disco peak with, I was made for loving you. Which by todays standards still sucks a fat one!

Anyway, fast forward a month. I am at Stephen Leacock C.I. and dont I meet this Ginger who is totally commanding with his presence, funny as hell and got the hottest girl that year!

Ya so, I got the hottest girls hottest girlfriend the next year.

Anyway, we were chatting out in the smoking lounge or for you Leacocker alum the lounge and KISS comes up in the conversation. Next thing I knew, I was commited to dressing like and fake playing an instrument like KISS.

So here we are, commited or should have been. We had the outfits made by us or a Mom, had platform shoes made, 8 inch platforms. The only thing that has been on me thats 8 inches.

Time comes and my folks were awesome enough to let us practice in our basement. So, Id borrowed my Uncles drum kit (hes a professional Bluesy Jazzy kind of drummer) and Ginger buys a Rickenbauker Bass. Astroboy already had a Les Paul and our dear friend in the clouds could Long and McQuade a Flying V.

So we are good enough to go out and show The Wo…Scarborough that we are as good as or better than the real deal. Ginger says Lets have a lunch-time concert in the Auditorium! Permission granted by Mr. Anderson (a very respected pricipal) and…

Ladies and Gentlemen put you two hands together and welcome KISS the Amps screamed, we start doing our thing, Im behind the drums and have no moves to worry about. As I look out in front of me, I can see Ginger, Astroboy and Cloudy swaying their heads together in perfect timing. Side to side in unison.

Ginger spews a mix of ketchup and something nasty, then holds a bic lighter to his mouth, fills it with fumes and at the right moment Blows a flame out his mouth, just like Gene.

We Rock.

kiss 1

Silence. The last power chords of I wanna Rock and Roll all night hang for a second …then die. Mr. Anderson (by the way, its funnier if said like in the Matrix) had pulled the power himself to signal lunch was now over. Drag, next…

We played a kind of Gong Show at our local one Saturday night. My Mom still harasses me about that. No need to explain why. By the way, we Won!

One of our connections for wardrobe and stuff was an East Indian chap we called (his request) Bunny. Well Bunny had a booth for that summers CNE The Wild Nook and he wanted us to play everyday. We did. Got free parking, free entry to the grounds. Only paid for munchies and rides. Summer ends with the Ex.

It was later into the next school year that Cloudy was accidentaly killed at work.

Things changed immediately. From the time McSherry called me I couldnt believe it. She said to me on the phone, When do I ever call you Steve, she was right, she never calls me. This wasnt a joke. He died.

Thats all for now.

Take it easy, s

On a different note my keyboardès not letting me use the aposthrphe! Itès giving me grief. So you know Ièm not a crappy typist, Iève left them out.

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