Kindness: an act of

Sure you can pick up someone’s dropped groceries or give up your seat on the bus for someone more needy of it.

Well, Beyond 4 Walls Home Inspection is doing just that. Seen on a news report that a single Mother paid very well over the asking price for a Townhouse in Toronto. She was advised to pass on a home inspection (have no conditions). She won the bid, in time she closed and entered her new home. But what she saw was not what she’d thought she’d paid for.

Beyond 4 Walls is giving this single Mom a FREE Post-home inspection next week. Arrangements are all made.droopy

Even though she’s closed, she should still know about her purchase.

I’m hearing, there are plenty of people out there just closing now and with the market slowing, the bank doesn’t appraise the home for the price bought for, for when insuring.

I don’t like seeing the banks and some real estate folks screwing with their own citizens. Don’t banks make enough money? And Real Estate people, shame on you. For giving poor advise. If it was good advise the customer would be happy! You knew it was wrong.

So here’s B4W’s advise. Screw the $$$ and help someone out. Do I know this person? no.

So why?

Well, I’m involved in the industry and have the means to help her out. And by the means I defer to a ladder not money.

Take it easy s


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